Nov 18, 2017

Short Stories

Every story is different, but we all have them. I'm very happy with mine, but it had a rough start, which I suppose made me the person I am in some ways. Can you look at your life as a story? What is your story telling? Are you living for yourself, or have you learned that life is so much more than that? Our lives are all short stories, but some are shorter than others. I went to a funeral today for someone whose story was short, but it was a story of God's grace, so it was truly good.

Nov 17, 2017

Mixed Media Sketch

I'm trying out a new kind of paper- mixed media from Strathmore. I think I like it, as it's much easier to draw on with a fine pen, and it still holds watercolor.

Nov 10, 2017

Kikku Japanese in Fresno

For lunch yesterday, I tried out Kikku's in Fresno. I met a friend down there and noticed right away this is a popular lunch spot. Try #19 on the menu, the spicy chicken plate. I should have ordered that, but went for the pot stickers instead, which were great, but nothing like the chicken. Styrofoam plates were no big deal. Everyone was there for a power lunch, then back to work.

Nov 8, 2017

Tulare & N Street

Had a good lunch downtown today. Here's the scene outside of Kikkus Japanese restaurant. Beautiful day, good lunch, some good meetings- can't complain.